Stamp Duty Avoidance

stamp duty avoidanceIf you are going to buy or have bought a house at any point in your life you will know how annoying this particular tax can be.

It’s threshold can dictate the level of the property market, and hold up property sales.

Stamp duty avoidance: The facts

Avoiding stamp duty is straightforward, it simply involves taking advantage of a tax loophole to avoid this property tax.

This particular loophole has been in operation for years and there are many examples exist to reinforce precedent month after month.

 Stamp Duty Avoidance Qualifications

What do I have to do?

To be able to partake in stamp duty avoidance you must:

1. Be involved in a purchase where the properyty costs £500,000 or more,

2. Have obtained a mortgage offer

3. Be married or be in a civil partnership OR have a trusted friend.


The process of stamp duty avoidance is carried out by solicitors who have good experience, they have seen the completion of hundreds of instances and have not had any failures.

If you want the basic information on current stamp duty thresholds, (they vary and recently changed at the last budget), then click Stamp Duty Rates.